How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber Parts?

When it is about bicycles and airplanes creation, carbon fiber is becoming very popular. This is because it is lightweight and sturdy. Items created from carbon fiber are costly but you can still create some carbon fiber items at your home for half the cost of conventional retailers. 

For most DIY people, making things at home is the norm of the day. It feels expensive for them to spend on a product. Carbon fiber parts are not different. The DIYers can do it as well. If you are a DIY individual looking to find out how to make carbon fiber at home, I have something for you. If you are also not ready to spend on making one, this post is for you.

Get the right mold

The first thing you should do before you start to make a carbon fiber product is to have some mold. It helps to shape your fiber into the design that you desire. Wondering where to find the molds? Well, you can obtain your molds online.  You can also find them from retailers. The carbon fiber parts are famous in motorcycle and automobile industries. 

Most of the time, you can find molds from suppliers. But there are times when you have to utilize the initial section as the mold to create the carbon fiber section. Keep in mind this might fail when the parts are damaged.

Put on the right gear

While you are handling carbon fiber, ensure you put on the right gear. Ensure you wear goggles, face masks, and gloves. For instance, the face mask can assist to prevent you from inhaling potentially deadly smoke or absorbing lethal solvents via the skin. Apart from that, you should ensure that you do the work in a place where there is adequate ventilation. This will help you to avoid extreme gas accumulation.

Get your mold ready

Before you do anything, ensure that your mold is spewed with some material that lets the section to be different from a mold after it is completed. Such materials are mostly a specialized kind of wax that doesn’t interfere with the healing procedure of the area. You may order your mold lubricant on the internet or purchase it from the nearest carbon fiber seller. 

Spew the interior using resin

If you want to get the best outcome, ensure that every cranny and nook of that mold is fully saturated using resin. Based on the size of your mold, you might require several resin cans. This will assist to make the surface required for applying carbon fiber.  Resin is different from wax and it will become hard and be taken away from that mold as a section of the carbon fiber.


Even if you have never created a carbon fiber piece, it is easy to make one if you follow all these steps. Ensure that when preparing your carbon you have all the materials needed. Also, make sure you are safe by having the right equipment. If you are DIY reading this, this is your chance to create your part.